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I am Cindy,

Experienced Photographer / Photo Editor(Retoucher).

Skilled in Editorial Photography, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography, Product Photography, Landscape, Street, and Fine Art Photography.

Studio and On-Location Lighting.

Retouching, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premium, Final Cut. 

Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Fine Arts - MFA focused in Photography from Academy of Art University.

All About Me

Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Cindy Chuang first owned a camera when she was eighteen. After graduating college, she made a move to San Francisco, US. She studied at Academy of Art University and learned professional photography knowledge, lighting techniques, and retouching skills. Then she moved to Los Angeles, where she naturally felt the inspiration for fashion photography.


Cindy loves creating emotive imagery. She is inspired by feminine strength, unique beauty, and romantic style.


She currently resides in Taipei and loves to work around everywhere.

Award & Published

OPEN THEME EXHIBITION  -  Las Laguna Art Gallery (2021)

MIFA Moscow International Foto Awards - Bronze in Fine Art / Abstract (2022)

PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris  -  Honorable Mention-Architecture / Buildings (2021)

SELIN Magazine - Secret Charm (2023)

Marika Men, Russia - Gentle Beauty (2023)

VIGOUR Magazine,US  -  Hidden (2021)

Penida Magazine  -  Smile Mask Syndrome  (2020)

Marika Magazine, Russia  -  Dark Rose  (2020)

Music Cover Design  -  Shambala  (2023)

Music Cover Design  -  Lose Cintrol  (2023)

Music Cover Design  -  Shiver  (2021)
Music Cover Design  -  Runuway (2021)

Music Cover Design  -  Toy Factory  (2021)

Music Cover Design  -  遠方  (2021)
Music Cover Design  -  Nevermore (2020)

Music Cover Design  -  Feathers Rising (2019)

Music Cover Design  -  Merry Go Round  (2019)

Music Cover Design  -  Rebirth  (2019)

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